"I had suffered from peripheral neuropathy for the past four years. After my acupuncture treatment my feet feel greatly improved."

Robert O’brian

"I have had ongoing pain in my right shoulder and neck and arthritis in my hands.  My treatment has given me relief at once. I have more freedom of movement in my neck and as an additional benefit my sinuses seem clearer.  It was wonderful."

Magaret Lazarz

"This was a first time experience. I would greatly recommend for everyone.  She made my experience very enjoyable.  My only regret is that she is not located in my hometown so that I could see her when never I want."

Patti Waldschmidt

"I have been having leg problems and difficulty walking for a few years. I had been using a cane and a walker on a daily basis. I have had lots of physical therapy over the past five years and injections for pain with no relief.  I was swayed to make an acupuncture appointment after hearing Dr  Uchenna’s speak at one of her presentations. I was swayed to make an appointment. I got immediate relief after my first acupuncture treatment and I have not used a cane since. I have been able to keep up with my companion and still not using a cane."

Mary Woolsey

"I was injured five years ago by my dog clipping my legs. I fell on a concrete slap. The pain I had been experiencing was extremely acute. It even affected my walking and work. I had to hire young boys to help me feed my horses because I could not lift the bales of hay.  After three sessions with Doctor Uchenna the pain is completely gone. I can walk with force. I can sleep in any position now. I wonder why I had not gone for acupuncture years ago. I probably would have suffered less."

Merle D. Olson

"I came on board the ship with an injured knee. I could barely walk and when I did stairs, it was even worse. I was so worried how I would be able to do all the excursions my sister and I booked. I was thrilled that I could walk after one session. After my second session I was so improved that I gave my third to my sister. We are so grateful for this wonderful experience with Dr. Uchenna."

Henrrieta K Hawkins

"I had feet pain and especially on the left. The acupuncture treatment for my peripheral neuropathy of 4 years helped immensely."

Robert O’brian 

"I have had a severe pain in my neck for weeks. I have never tried acupuncture before, but it worked fabulously. In less than one hour, my neck was already feeling better. Thanks Doctor Uchenna"

Pamela Horton

"Before treatment I was experiencing on the outer portion of my knee, two treatments on two consecutive days and the pain was relieved."

Alice Smith